Catholic University of America Presentation

February 9, 2017
Catholic University of America (CUA), Washington D.C.

All photos are the property and courtesy of CUA

Unaccompanied Cuban Children files at National Archives in Maryland

Unaccompanied Cuban Children Files

In February I went to the National Archives and Records Administration in Maryland.  Since I am a registered researcher, I was able to request and peruse through the archives of the Unaccompanied Cuban Children program which they have in their possession.  Registered researchers are also allowed to take photos of these public documents.  I took these photos which are just a representation of all the files I saw.  Very interesting.

Smithsonian – Pedro Pan Exhibit

Smithsonian - Pedro Pan Exhibit

The Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. is working on a Pedro Pan exodus exhibit to be launched in 2018. I just donated for that exhibit my original Pedro Pan case file which had been kept at the Archdiocese of Miami all these years.

Now the Archdiocese is making these original files available to the Pedro Pans who request them. In this photo I am turning over my case file to Steve, the Smithsonian curator.

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MDC West Campus Presentation

Each year during Hispanic Heritage Month I am invited by Miami Dade College (MDC) West Campus to present to the students, faculty and staff the story of the Pedro Pan exodus. It is an honor for me and my Pedro Pan friends to share our story with the them. I thank MDC for giving us this opportunity.

University of Maryland

As part of the 2016 Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations, there was a Pedro Pan exodus presentation at the University of Maryland.   It was an honor to be invited by President Javier Miyares of the University of Maryland/University College to present to the students, faculty and staff the story of the Pedro Pan exodus. It was especially meaningful since President Miyares is also a Pedro Pan.